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Contact Us

  • Wenzhou Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.
  • Address:No. 99 north aojiang road, economic & technical development zone, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, China
  • Website:http://www.xyzptt.com/
  • http://gcjx.en.alibaba.com/
  • Tel: +86 577 86529608
  • Fax:+86 577-86529637
  • Contact: Kelly Zheng
  • Cell / Whatsapp / Wechat: +86 152 5863 3273
  • Skype: kellyzheng55
  • Email: sales@cngcjx.com
  •     gcjx@cngcjx.com
Sex: Not
Academic requirements: High school
    Sales、Sales Manager...
Age Requirement:20To35Age Number of people:5
Sex: Female
Academic requirements: Secondary school
Age Requirement:20To35Age Number of people:1
Sex: Male
Academic requirements: Undergraduate
Age Requirement:20To35Age Number of people:1

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Wenzhou Engineering Machinery Company Ltd.|Grouting machine, mortar pump, mortar pump, mortar spraying machine, concrete machinery

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